1.  Analytics

The Googlebait team analyzes your existing site to make sure you’re ready for Googlebait.  We also analyze your competition and create a plan to maximize your success.

2.  Research

After we analyze everything and we come up with a plan.  We find the optimal keywords to match your business and your squash your competition.

3.  Multiple Keywords

Unlike every other SEO company, we don’t rely on a single keyword or keyword phrase.  We find a lot of them.  In most cases, over a thousand.  We then optimize each page to showcase our choices.

4.  Quality Content

Every Googlebait page will score perfectly on google insights and the HTML validator, validator.w3.org.  Google loves quality pages.

5.  Optimized Code

We use only HTML, Php, pure Javascript, and MySql.  We use the minimum amount of CSS and no jquery.  Our pages are built for speed.  Google loves speed.

6.  Proper Keyword Placement

There is a science to SEO.  We put the proper keywords in the proper place and we never “keyword stuff” the pages.

7.  Compelling Meta Descriptions

This is what potential customers see in search results.  If you don’t draw customers in you don’t get leads.  Googlebait pages will draw in potential customers.

8.  No Black Hat

Black Hat techniques are great for a week or two.  Googlebait is for the long haul.  People will find you long after your Googlebait experience is over.

9.  Track Your Pages

We track all visitors to your pages.  It’s important so we can see how Googlebait pages are performing.

10.  Timed Releases

Google likes new content but they don’t like it all at once.  We publish a new Googlebait page every three (or so) days to make sure your content is fresh.


Repair, Replace, Rewrite

Any pages that don’t perform are tweaked or rewritten to make sure they are performing.  We only create quality content and will make sure these pages perform beyond your expectations.


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