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[Ep 17] It Isn’t Time to “Just Call It A Year” Yet

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Going back to some business coaching and inspiration in this episode.

I know we’ve been talking a lot about tech lately with the launch of

So here you go…

Now isn’t the time to wind things down for the holidays or the end of the year.

Please don’t use the holidays as an excuse to not go after your ideal lifestyle and income.

You are only hurting yourself and putting yourself further behind.

I’m seeing a lot of entrepreneurs sort of check out and take it easy for the rest of the year.

This isn’t a bah-humbug approach to the holidays but just a question to ask yourself to seek the truth.

Do you really want to take the excessive time off?

Do you really need a break from a business that you designed to excite and energize you?

If you need an escape from your own business you may have created yourself a j-o-b and not a true freedom business.

I’m not against taking time off or celebrating with your family, but is completely checking for the rest of the year the truth for you?

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