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[Ep 16] What Types Of Businesses Does GoogleBait Work For?

What Types Of Companies Get Leads From Googlebait and LeadBait? Anyone who wants to get found online by their ideal client/customer… but let’s niche it down a bit, shall we? Googlebait Is Right For… Coaches, Experts, Speakers, Authors Wedding & Event Planners,...

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[Ep 14] Googlebait – SEO RE-engineered!

Googlebait - SEO Re-engineered! Welcome To The Google Podcast Episode 14! We are going to be doing Facebook Lives, but today it is just a Zoom video. We explained how Googlebait is "SEO Re-engineered" and how it is different from typical SEO Companies. We shared some...

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[Ep 13] Why Branding Is Extremely Important For Your SEO

Normally, you wouldn't think to put SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and banding together as an online marketing strategy. However, branding is so important to your SEO so that you make your competition irrelevant. Branding and SEO also go together in that good...

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[Ep 10] Entrepreneurs! Don’t Do Your Own SEO!

Entrepreneurial Business Coach Erica Duran and SEO Expert Bill Boren discuss why entrepreneurs and small business owners should not do their own SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a full-time job and if you do it wrong it could really hurt your chances of...

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[Ep 9] Keywords RIP with Erica Duran and Bill Boren

Are keywords dead as far as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is concerned these days? Find out in this episode! Plus, other little-known SEO facts, tips, and tricks. *** Have you downloaded our FREE 30 Point Game-Changing SEO Checklist and Video Training yet? Get your...

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[Ep 7 ] Googlebait Q & A Session #1

Erica Duran and Bill Boren answer questions that have been sent in by real Googlebait customers and prospects. Googlebait creates Google Perfect SEO Pages so you can get to the top of Google for your topic and attract all the clients you need. For a free guide and...

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[Ep 6] Googlebait Is Your Online Marketing Secret Weapon

Erica Duran and Bill Boren discuss four of the reasons why Googlebait is your secret weapon when marketing online. 1. Googlebait is intellectual property - a propriety way of doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). No one else does SEO this way. 2. You can have...

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[Ep 4] Googlebait Versus Google AdWords

In this episode, Online Business Coach Erica Duran and SEO Expert Bill Boren discuss the differences between Googlebait Perfect SEO Pages and Google AdWords. Bottom line... you NEED Googlebait's extensive and unique way of doing keyword research if you want your...

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[Ep 1] Googlebait – Not Just Another SEO Company

Erica Duran (Business Coach and Digital Marketing Expert) and Bill Boren (Computer Super Genius and Systems Analyst) discuss how https://Googlebait.com is totally different from traditional SEO companies. This is an all-new modern way to get found on Google's FREE...

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